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at home with ourselves

These days, stuck within our four walls and getting REALLY intimate with our interiors, we have come to see them in a different way - how they work for us, how they sometimes work against us. One way that we can adapt our interiors to give us some much needed respite is by creating a space I call the Me Corner

It could be a living room where you can close the doors and draw the curtains, or an alcove by the window in your studio, the Me Corner needs 3 basic things:

  • Seating

  • Comfort

  • Ambiance

Seating that works for you - This is going to be your favorite hangout, positioned just right. Know what YOU need to relax - is it a supportive frame or a pouf to melt into? Do you have enough space to lie down, or can you put your legs up on a stool/coffee table?

My all-time favorite is the muji pouf - light enough to carry around, it takes my Me Corner and makes it mobile. If you have a bit more space, and prefer a more natural aesthetic, I really love the rattan papasan chairs with an ultra soft mattress. And if space (or budget?) is no object, the ultimate relaxation is a meridienne - stretch out and don’t share.

Upping the comfort quotient - Do not underestimate the power of textiles! Good cushions and throws can be a way to update your existing couch and make it more suitable for lounging (and no less for entertaining, but who does that anymore?)

I LOVE Madura for their cushion covers and the quality of their fabrics. And you may already know Camif, which is a great resource for locally produced home decor, and these jacquard cushions are just gorgeous. And though Im normally all for natural or geometric weaves, this collection of throws from Slowdown Studio are just...stunning...

Create your perfect ambiance - maybe you need music or silence, or to surround yourself with plants or books. Only you can answer that. But one thing I feel we all need better control over is light. On grey Paris days, try a light therapy (luminothérapie) lamp to lift your mood. Or if you're netflix & chilling you can opt for easier control (and less eye strain) with this great lamp from Philips.

I know that space & budget limitations can make “decor” feel like an unnecessary splurge, specially when we are just trying to keep our heads above water. But I also hope that we can all find time these days to give ourselves a short break and relax - I know we need it!


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