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" I believe that home is a space that resonates with your family’s identity, your lifestyle, your culture and your stories. "

Interior Architect & Designer Asma Florencon working in her art-filled studio

Asma, Creative Director,

Atelier Varenne

International Experience in Architecture
& Interior Design right at your doorstep

Hi, I’m Asma. With an Undergrad & a Master's in Architecture from the US, I spent over a decade working in Architecture & Interior Design in Asia, the Middle East & Europe. After working in France for a few years, I set up Atelier Varenne in Paris to focus on what I love : creating beautiful, thoughtful and fulfilling spaces for real people to live their best lives. 

I love weaving my clients’ visions into the interiors where they’ll live & work. You bring the dreams & the expectations, and together we’ll make it your reality - to enjoy for many years to come!

" Asma is wonderful in what she does.


She is always listening, very well structured, incredibly helpful and insightful... which both my husband and I really appreciated! "

Interior Architect & Designer at work in her studio with client selecting materials & finishes for renovation project

T.R. Ivry-sur-Seine

Recent press appearances & awards


Press & Awards

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