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this one's for the kids

Children’s rooms have a special need to be flexible and easily adaptable - they're often a place to sleep as well as a playroom and they require lots of storage of everything from books and toys to clothes and more clothes. Plus, if you have babies or young kids, it means that every few years your child(ren) will grow out of everything you have so thoughtfully planned and placed there, until the time their ideas about room decor outweigh your own (I have a 4 year old and....let’s just say he has a LOT of opinions)

To avoid having to start from scratch every time your young ones hit a growth milestone, it is helpful to build some flexibility into their rooms or in the furniture you buy for it.

There are so many options for children’s bed brands but I really love the solid construction and incredible modularity of FLEXA You can go from full storage underneath to a cabane or even a slide with the addition of the respective components.

At a lower price point are the range of beds at Mon Lit Cabane They are super cute and from 6 years + the option of loft beds is also great for liberating floor space if your ceiling height allows!

Along the lines of montessori furniture like many of the beds at MLC above, is a personal favorite brand The Little Pippo They make tables & chairs, stools and kitchen helpers etc, all of which encourage autonomy and most of which are either multipurpose or can be used for quite some years.

Whether you have the occasional guest or you end up sleeping in your child’s room way too often reading bedtime stories, a convertible armchair or futon can be a life saver. I particularly love the ones from Clei When theyre open, they can be slid under the bed and out of the way to make even more play space. Plus the covers are removable & washable. Yes they really did think of everything!

You will never have too much storage space in your kid’s room, and the universal solution to space-saving, affordable furniture is indeed IKEA

The Kallax & Trofast systems are perfectly dimensioned and designed to hold anything and everything, even doubling as benches with a little imagination.

When you run out of floor space, use your walls to organise!! Anything small or big can conveniently find a home in the Skadis wall system, another strong favorite in our house. From photos and notes to desk organisation, art supplies or more toys, Skadis has just the perfect container or hook for it.

Not at the same level of ubiquity or flexibility (but still a strong contender) is Flisat, the small book display shelf for kids, that can hold much more than just books...

If you were ever going to use removable wallpaper in your house, your children’s room is the place to test it out! Look at my previous post devoted to wall decor, or check out the decals from MIMI’Lou

Another trick I love for gaining some flexibility is leaning (or screwing in) large-scale MDF or plywood boards that can then be painted (and repainted) much more easily than messing with the full height and precision of your walls. Want pastels for the baby? Go for it. Repaint to a blackboard paint as they start to stand and scribble, and to a colour of their choice when they’re older.

Be ready for other wall decoration to change as your kids get older, and a great way to enable that is by investing in good frames for artwork. You may get some cute prints when they're younger, switch them out to your child's own art and craft projects when they're toddlers, and photos of family and friends as they get older.

Textile will really add that touch of coziness that is essential to most rooms of your home, but specially your kids’ rooms!

For beautiful cushions and floor cushions, my go to is Nobodinoz

I love Nattiot for their playful and cute rugs, and also AM.PM from La Redoute have great kids rugs

And finally for some garlands Mon Lit Cabane has some cute & original shapes, though both HEMA & Habitat occasionally carry simpler triangular fabric garlands as well!

For finishing touches and lots more besides, some brands I really love for the children’s universes are Smallable

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