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design & design fairs

With the rentree, Paris gives herself over to design fairs, like the enormous Maison et Objet. As a place for famous brands as well as emerging designers to showcase their work or launch new lines, its a great overview of what will likely be popular in interior design in the year ahead. As we all find our rhythm post-rentrée, I thought I would share some of my observations from the fairs.

As the first post-pandemic edition of huge events like this, what struck me most was COLOUR. Flamboyant colour in various iterations was everywhere from wallpapers to rugs, from furniture upholstery to wall decor. Though there were a few pastel-coloured ceramics and subtle linens, most colour materialized as bright abstract prints, clearly defined blobs and strokes on equally vibrant backgrounds, or single-hued objects presented in collections of different tones. The only way I can describe it is UNAPOLOGETIC and if you are a fan of colour, this is your moment!

A way to integrate this glorious trend into your interiors (aside from repainting your walls orange) is through colourful cushions or collections of vases & art prints . Focus on reds, oranges, terracotta hues and other earth tones - they were definitely the stars of the show and they are also perfect for cozy fall interiors!

Another thing I really loved was the presence of very diverse aesthetics in the homeware brands presented - this took the form either of “collectors” of objects and antiquities from different regions of the world or partnerships with local artisans and craftspeople, as well as designers. The magnitude of these varied visions and aesthetics presented for our homes is really something that I feel strongly about and love so much !

Finally, lastly, I loved the playfulness attributed to the design of the objects that surround us. These last months (year?) have been hard in so many ways for so many of us. And our homes have been our refuge but also our battlegrounds, stretched to various previously unimaginable limits.

Personally, I really appreciate the little moments of joy that come from an object that is a bit...décalé. A suspended bedside table shaped like a spinning top? Why not! Endless arrangements & rearrangements of playful decor? Yes! A little reminder to surround yourself with things that bring a smile to your face and heart.


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