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bring the outside in

As fall approaches steadily, I find myself grasping with desperation at memories of sunshine. I grew up in an endless summer with the sea on one side and desert on the other so anything but warm bright days make me feel even further from home than the distance portrays.

To maximise your “lazing in the sunshine” potential I have a few suggestions for continuing to enjoy the warmth of summer and the spirit of lazy days full of sunshine. Furniture and decoration that looks and works just as great indoors as out is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home slowly as the days get shorter.

Indoor / outdoor furniture

Nothing says *lazy* like a lounge chair or a transat! However, many styles can feel a bit too beachy - which is great if youre next to a pool, but less so if youre picnicking in your living room. I love these chairs by Ferm Living which are a) made of recycled plastic bottles b) are super comfortable and c) look equally spectacular set within lush grass as they will in your sejour.

Another supremely wonderful staple for warm days is the hammock. If you have the space, plenty of options are large enough for the entire family. But if you dont, this tiny alternative from Sklum is great - if you have trouble deciding where to put it, just install a hook close to your favorite window as well as another on your balcony. Win-win.

For a true Parisian bistro experience right in your salon, think about bringing that terrasse icon - the bistro table - into your life. The combination of marble top and heavy iron pedestal make it perfect as a side table. Plus, this is exactly the kind of object that I would encourage you to buy second hand - I love platforms like Selency, Pamono and even Le Bon Coin for incredible finds like this.

A few other things to pick and choose from for your indoor/outdoor lounging pleasure are these easily foldable chairs from Zara Home that look great around any table, inside or out.

I am so in love with these gorgeous parasols by Business & Pleasure Co.

And finally for building a reading nook on the balcony or picnic area in the playroom, I love these floor cushions that you can mix and match!

Plants and things

Full disclosure : I kill every plant I touch. But sunny spots by windows are MADE for plants, and others like my favourite monstera grows brilliantly in indirect light. If youre going to fake this lounging in the sun thing right, it should be between the dappled shadows of some leafy greens, soaking up the colours of various flowers, and enjoying the smell of fresh grass. I LOVE greenery but just dont have a green thumb, and so I search far and wide for foolproof solutions.

One of them is freshly cut flowers - flowers give you all the joy of plants in your life with no obligation to keep them alive beyond a week or two. Buy from your local markets! But if that isn't an option, try out Bloom & Wild - their flowers are delivered packed so that you put together your own bouquet, and it is happiness in a box.

With potted plants, a couple I really love are money plants (Devil’s Ivy) and monstera. These are stubborn, hardy plants that dont require constant care. I particularly recommend the monstera as its a gorgeous and dramatic plant, and is completely happy forgotten in a semi-shaded corner. Again, I encourage you to buy local from horticulturists or florists - both for the plants and the pots. Large plants look great in over-sized terracotta pots, and for smaller vines I really enjoy the ambiance of suspended planters. The more the merrier!


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