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working better from home

We were tasked with restructuring the living and dining room in this fairly small haussmannian apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris to accommodate 2 distinct work spaces for a couple who found themselves working at home during the pandemic and after, and who desperately needed to resolve the issue of having usurped their family space.

An earlier version of this project involved a massive restructuration of the double séjour, but after some more analysis we realised the solution could be incredibly simple.


We designed an open and airy bookshelf that divides just the dining room in two, and integrates perfectly with the moulures, sitting just below the corniches. Deftly hidden behind these bookshelves, we custom designed desks that benefit from the light by the window. For a fraction of the initial budget, we created distinct workspaces, brought a new energy and allure to the dining room, and avoided 3 months of travaux. A definite win-win!

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