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expanding an apartment

into a souplex

As a family grows and changes, their home needs to keep up. Designing spaces with the flexibility to evolve with changing needs is essential to our design philosophy. In addition, work-life balances were strained during the pandemic, and many of our projects tackle exactly this issue - how can we carve out a work space in an already packed home? 

Here, the solution was right under our noses - literally. We converted the 20sqm cave into a small occasional guest room with a dedicated office. To do so, we had to restructure much of the ground floor apartment to create a stairwell that would link the two levels. The stairs not only link ground floor and basement, they are also the defining element of the newly renovated space. We designed them to be the heart of the home, working as partition, storage, and light-well, in addition to adding a dynamic continuity to the restructuration.

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