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wallpaper - The quickest fix

Need some colour? Want to liven up your space? How about a change that doesn't require a renovation team?

The simplest solution is wallpaper. Patterned or panoramic, wallpaper comes in countless different prints with some removable options really being the perfect solution for rentals. Whether its for a feature wall in your salon, or something for the children’s room, wallpaper is really popular and prevalent in every design blog or magazine - you will come across various options from tropical jungle themes to more graphic and brightly coloured geometrics.

If you’re hesitant to commit to a full wall but still want something attractive for part of it, a decal or large sticker is a great option.

Here are a few resources that I particularly like:


This company makes a fully removable wallpaper, with many designs as well as the option to upload your own design.

Au Fil des Couleurs

A store that holds various brands, and where you can customize dimensions for panoramic styles


A british brand that digitally prints its gorgeous designs in Liverpool.

And a few really beautiful french-made options :


Paper Mint

They have wall papers too, but I particularly love their gorgeous large-scale stickers that you can position individually or make your own compositions with.

Hope you enjoy livening up your interiors with some of these tips !


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