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Everything vintage

My personal aesthetic is to mix old with new, layering and contrasting different styles and origins in our furniture and decor.

Casa Telmo project by interior design studio

Paris - and all of France, really - have incredible flea markets, brocantes and antique stores, and while I could spend hours - or days - wandering aimlessly and swooning, I also really appreciate platforms that make buying vintage and second-hand so much simpler.

  • Unless you regularly frequent them it can be overwhelming to think of brocanting as a feasible option, in which case I highly recommend leaving it to experts like Ajiri Aki of Madame de la Maison Her impeccable taste makes selecting the best of the puces de Saint Oeun (and much more besides) more easily attainable.

  • Selency & Pamono are two great specialized platforms for second hand designer or vintage furniture & home decor at reasonable prices and shipping costs

  • My personal favorite is Label Emmaüs, whose ecosystem supports the Emmaus structure while also actively helping integration & reinsertion of needy communities through their sales. Solidarity with their cause, combined with the joy of an unexpected treasure? One woman’s trash, as they say..

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