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We are an international team of interior architects, designers & decorators based in Paris with projects across France. We also frequently work on projects abroad (the US, China, Middle East and of course across Europe). 


We believe that good design is collaborative - a conversation between us (the designers) & you (the clients).


We also believe that the best design is mutually beneficial - it can provide the best living environment for your family while still being gentle to the world around us. This can - and should - go hand in hand. 

Atelier Varenne’s creative vision is led by Asma H. Florencon, who moved to France in 2015 ago after having lived many years in the US, the UK, China, and her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan.


She studied architecture in Houston, Texas, worked for many years designing residential and commercial interiors in Shanghai, and then moved to Paris where she led international projects at a global design agency.

Moving to a different city and creating a new home is a challenge that Asma understands intimately, having done it herself many times. She has a deep interest in identity and its reflection in the homes we make – particularly when we desire our home to break from the norm.

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