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kitchen interior design in paris

our process

 we listen 

We aim to really understand your needs and desires as a family and as homeowners before starting the design or renovation process. We will ask a lot of questions, visit and analyse the property and surrounding site with you and dig in and do our own research...

 we design 

Our understanding of your needs and your space will help us propose an optimal interior layout.  We'll also envision materials, features, aesthetic elements, fixtures, decor... We'll work with you to find & define your style, and to create a home that embodies that.

we detail

We'll draw up the design bundle, with architectural details, technical drawings and specifications as necessary. We can also source furniture and fixtures, and work with you to ensure that specifications meet your requirements

we deliver

We've worked with many contractors & artisans - we can recommend favorites  or work with yours! We'll visit the site & work with the home renovation crew to make sure things go according to plan and schedules and budgets are respected strictly. 

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