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Atelier Varenne’s creative vision is led by Asma H. Florencon, who moved to France in 2015 after having lived many years in the US, the UK, China, and her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan.


She studied architecture in Houston, Texas, worked for many years designing residential and commercial interiors in Shanghai, and then moved to Paris where she led international projects at a global design agency.

Moving to a different city and creating a new home is a challenge that Asma understands intimately, having done it herself many times. She has a deep interest in identity and its reflection in the spaces we create to live, work & play in.


We had a massive and overwhelming job of modernizing our colonial home...


You have to see our home to believe the incredible talent Asma has in turning an old fashioned home into the envy of the entire neighborhood.


Asma is wonderful in what she does. She is always listening, very well structured, incredibly helpful and insightful...really on top of things & tries to see the things from your perspective. 

The cherry on the top is her personality, which both my husband and I really appreciate.

2020_AVintro 9.jpg

We hired Atelier Varenne for renovations and refurbishment of our apartment in the 11eme. Throughout the project, we had the complete attention of Asma - an experienced and excellent interior architect...I would recommend Atelier Varenne in a heartbeat.

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