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Interior Architecture & Design Studio in Paris

Renovating a New Property or Remodelling an existing one ?

Atelier Varenne is an Interior Architecture & Design studio founded by Asma H. Florençon, based in Paris. We work with individuals & families, brands & businesses to create beautifully designed & effortless interiors where you can live your best life, for years to come. 

Our English-speaking client base has one thing in common: they want their homes & businesses in France to embody their global backgrounds and personalities. Our extensive experience designing residential & commercial interiors enriching the unique identities of our clients' families & businesses is inspired by our belief that the spaces that surround us not only reflect us, they also shape us. 

full-service residential & commercial interior Design
Project management & consultations

We do all this but also more. Maybe you're deliberating over a property purchase or how to create a lasting impression with clients in your new office. Or you dont know what you need, but something about the space...just doesn't work right.

If you're not sure where to begin, or who to take that first step with, schedule a call with us & we can talk you through our services, or point you towards someone better suited to work with you. 

" Asma is just incredible! She has listened to what we like and has created a beautiful space that is really our style. 


I would highly recommend working with Atelier Varenne ! "

C.M. Paris 17eme

Portrait of Interior Architect & Designer Asma Florencon in her studio
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